June 4, 2022

God be praised for the successful launch of CRCP-CMMC’s Biblical Leadership Equipping School for Servants (BLESS) on June 4, 2022. Pastor Zuriel Bernardino, Chairman of CMMC, Dr. Nomer Bernardino, Interim Chairman of BLESS, among others, led the presentation to the students, Classis Church leaders and members, and Bible scholars in a one-hour zoom meeting session.

Pastor Zuriel Bernardino welcomed everyone to the BLESS Launch. He spoke about the struggles of early reformers such as John Calvin while teaching and preparing incoming pastors for ministry. It was a time when France was at war and ministers of the Word faced the reality of death when sent out to serve. Furthermore, he stated that while there is no physical war in our country today, there is still a war for the hearts and minds of the people. He charged the audience that, like the early reformers, we should all return to the Scriptures to study it faithfully and see how it relates to the times.

He explains that this is the driving force behind the launch of Biblical Leadership Equipping School for Servants (BLESS) and it’s training program. He went on to say that with this heart, he hopes that this endeavor and Scripture will challenge us to be agents of change and ambassadors of the gospel. This launch is a  concrete step, a concrete act, a tangible effort to ensure that we can accomplish this together.

Futher, Pastor Zuriel shared that this event is the result of prayer, years of thought and consideration, and deliberation of what is the best approach, and he is grateful to everyone who participated.

Next, Pastor Lawrence delos Trinos shared to the group a brief history of why we opened BLESS. The decision and confirmation was during Synod 2021, Classis Metro Manila Central submitted an overture to set standards for establishing classical theological institutions and that these institutions shall be accredited to qualify students for ordination. Below is a copy of the said overture. This overture was accepted and approved by the Synod.

Next, Pastor Nomer then shared BLESS’ vision, mission, and goal of teaching essential Reformed teachings and ministry skills in advancing students’ capacity to accomplish their tasks, providing a forum where students and potential leaders could also fellowship and share their concerns, questions, and mutually explore answers to current issues from the Scriptures supplemented by explanations from our accepted doctrines. Servant leaders will receive a standardized pastoral and leadership knowledge required by our denomination through a comprehensive curriculum and certifications.

He shared that while the courses will prepare qualified enrollees for ordained ministry in the Christian Reformed Churches in the Philippines (CRCP), he emphasised that they are also open to other members and churches.

Next, Deacon Amy Crooc, Introduced the faculty and staff of BLESS. She thanked all the Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff who will wholeheartedly work with the best interest in mind. 

Finally, Pastor Rodel encouraged all participants, especially leaders, to encourage their members to enroll in BLESS and learn. He also congratulated all of the students, faculty, and others who participated in the launch. He also encouraged everyone to spread the word about BLESS and emphasized the importance of equipping our servants.

All praise be to God!

We encourage everyone to check out and enroll to our courses and be part of our first batch of students. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Follow our Facebook Page to get real time updates.